In January of year 2000 gathered some Skoczow inhabitants who wanted to give life to a local newspaper.

First version of  "Courier Skoczowski", biweekly publication, was edited the 17th of March 2000. Since this date begun the cooperation of people who will create later  “Mała Ojczyzna".

The 31st of October 2000 the Regional Court in Bielsko-Biała. registered the Association under the number 1050 and the name "Association for the Development and the Promotion of Skoczow „Little Homeland”


Some of our objectives in particular:

1) To cooperate with all participants of social life , especially in order to build up a network with other non - governmental organisations.

2) To promote actively human-rights, rights of minority in particular, in a democratic system,

3) To lead activity for social groups needing special cares,

4) To promote actively the community of Skoczów on wide scale of activities like:

-    Edition of local periodicals about social and cultural events,

-    Edition of promotion and advertising materials,

-    organization of conference and debates,

-    organization of cultural activities,

-    information for local communities around Skoczow,

5) To engaged young people in order to permit them to take initiatives and responsibilities and contribute to build up a citizen identity.

6) To develop the action in the international area in order to break up linguistic barriers, 

7) To fix social foundation based on culture, traditions and local and regional customs to save the local identity in the process of acceding to the institutions of the European Union,

8) To support all the activities of other local organizations aiming to the development of Skoczow and of its nearest region.

The 22 of December 2000 appeared the 21st number of the „Curier Skoczowski", and this before the overture of the newly qualified Association “Mała Ojczyzna”.

The newspaper has been given until the 20 July 2001. There are at all 36 publications of the Courier Skoczowski.

28 October 2002, the Association was registered to the National Court (Register Of Associations) under the number 0000137067.

In April 2001 took place the first Elections Miss&Mister Fitness Show . This is about a competition for young people, based on physical and scenic abilities. The project realized will be yearly.  

Since 2002 the agreement is signed between the Roman Catholic Church, the Voluntary Detachment Of Work (ohp) and the club of work.

In 2002 the Association won the departmental grant Of Work and Social Politics for the organization of the Communal Center of Information. (CCoI) has been opened in Skoczow on February of 2003.
Since January 2003 we began realization of the Polish - American program Foundation Of Freedom English Teaching II. The coordinator of the national project is Foundation for development of Nidzicka „NIDA".